Get acquainted with the Cadillac and in the market for a XT6 XT5. Big surprise from «the Caddy»

Rеgulаr fiеld соnfеrеnсе оf thе Саdillас with thе rеsults and plans for the future turned to the assembled journalists by surprise on the Russian market a new six-seat crossover Cadillac XT6, with whom we got acquainted one year ago, at its global premiere in Detroit. A little earlier in dealerships American brand will do an updated XT5. But about all under the order.


The new XT6 is built on the same platform with a transverse engine, and the model XT5 or Chevrolet Traverse. And the family car from Cadillac can not be called luxurious version of the Traverse. XT6 order inferior to him in size. Body length — 5050 mm, width — 1964 mm, height (with roof rails) — mm Wheel base 1784 — 2863 mm.

Motor for XT6 yet claimed only one 2-liter gasoline engine, whose power specifically for Russia is reduced to 199 HP at 350 Nm. This is done for the sake of reducing vehicle tax. In addition, deportirovat a positive impact on the life of the engine. Transmission and no options: 9‑speed automatic manufactured by GM. Drive to Russia and the countries of the Customs Union is the exceptionally full, with a choice of three modes of operation. Optionally available advanced all-wheel drive system with two multi-plate clutches on the axle shafts. But already in the "database" — a full Arsenal of active and passive safety, which includes 20 parameters.

The new Cadillac will compete for potential customers with the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 and Lexus RX 350 L.

The distinctive XT6 in the struggle for customers is called Cadillac thoughtful interior space, best in class comfort on the third row and, of course, design. Interior design "Caddy" is closer to Lexus than to European competitors. The quality of materials and performance high. With the landing formula 2+2+2 with captain seats on the second row, XT6 will really appreciate the spaciousness of all passengers. A detailed impression of the interior decoration and ergonomics XT6 you can see in our video.

Taking orders for the new Cadillac XT6 authorized dealers will begin in February, but to customers and showrooms the first "live" cars will reach only in March. The car will be offered in two trim levels (Premium Luxury and Sport), which differ in decor and settings of the chassis, and additional packages.

With the start of orders reception the Russian representative office will publish and rates. According to preliminary data, you can focus on the mark of 4 million rubles.


On the part of the engine and transmission updated Cadillac XT5 repeats the older model. In the initial equipment of crossover includes a bunch of the driver assistance system of retention in the lane, monitoring blind spots, collision warning or pedestrian accident. Facilitates staff Parking sensors front and rear, and the rear view camera is of high resolution. In the list of options appeared first on night vision system, which allows you to detect objects at a distance more than 30 meters in darkness and displays the image of the road ahead of the vehicle on the screen of the instrument panel.

Other innovations include the rear view mirror with the possibility of video streaming. Cadillac XT5 is available in the variants Premium, Luxury and Sport, which differ in the design of the exterior and interior, and suspension settings. Taking orders for the updated XT5 has already begun. Car prices start from $ 2 990 000 rubles.

In the future, Cadillac is going to deduce on the Russian market two new models per year. However, under new models also podraza-Mavjuda and the modification of existing, not presented in Russia.

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