Aston Martin DBX: it’s time to make money

Prоduсtiоn spоrts саrs prоfitаblе business, but only to rely on large volumes of sales in this segment is not necessary, as long as you don't release the crossover

The first Aston Martin crossover, was officially presented in Beijing the same day, when I opened the motor show in Los Angeles. The manufacturer refused to show new products at the California auto show for obvious reasons: in China, on such machines you can make much more money than in the US. Well, the North American market is also not going anywhere.

Under the hood of supergroover installed a 550-horsepower Mercedes
4.0 V8 twin-turbo boost, thanks to which the acceleration to 100 km/h
takes only 4.5 seconds. The maximum velocity 291 km/h Torque
moment of 700 Nm is transmitted to all four wheels via a 9-speed automatic and
the all wheel drive system with locking center and rear
cross-axle differentials. The standard equipment is included
air suspension with 7 modes of operation, allowing to change the ground clearance from
140 to 235 mm.

Model DBX is built on a new platform that allows positioning
the engine within the wheelbase to achieve the best weight distribution in the class – 54/46. The magnitude of the wheelbase (more than three
meters), as well as the spaciousness of the cabin, the crossover from Aston Martin also shows
the best result among my classmates, although the dimensions (5039/1998/1680 mm) it is
a little less Lamborghini Urus and the Bentley Bentayga.

In the cabin is a luxurious metal finish from the skin (if you want,
instead of leather, you can choose woolen fabric), 12.3-inch virtual instrument
panel and media center diagonal of 10.25 inches. In addition to space for five
passengers, there was a place and under a full-sized trunk volume 632 litres.

Aston Martin DBX will be sold worldwide, including Russia. The price of the crossover for our market has already been determined and will start from $ 14.9 million. The following year, Russia allocated a total of 83 cars and many of them are already reserved by customers. Produced by crossover will be the new Aston Martin Lagonda factory, recently opened at St Athanasios, Wales. And already in the first year it is planned to collect the same DBX, as all other models of this brand together.

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